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Town Council of Villa de POTES

Torre del Infantado
39570 Potes
Cantabria - España
942 73 00 06 - 942 73 21 28

The headquarters of Potes city council are inside the emblematic Tower of the Infantado, it´s a medieval tower dominating the village centre which has an important historical past from the lower Middle Ages. The Tower was a reason of disputes between important families of the nobility and direct witness of the defensive wars which took place in the village and the whole district.

Flag and shield

The city council of the village of Potes counts, since 1995, with a heraldic shield and municipal flag, by means of an approved ordinance in August the 30th that same year, in the Official Bulletin of Cantabria.

The municipality´s flag of the municipality is rectangular and made up by two horizontal bands of the same width; a green one, in the upper half, and a red, in the lower part. The green and red colours are those which historically waved on the highest point of the Tower of the Infantado, symbol of the village´s identity in Liébana.

The heraldic shield consists in several elements: a simple shield in a blue background; a golden bridge on silver waves and blue water, superimposed by a tower, also golden. It is stamped with the Spanish Crown.

The meaning of the shield is based on historical facts, reconstructed, in order to facilitate its characteristic identity. The silver and blue waves, symbolize the Deva and Quiviesa rivers. Potes, is located in the fork of such rivers, which is without any doubt a strategic factor determining the importance of the village inside the region of Liébana, as both valleys meet here.

The tower figure represents the Tower of the Infantado; most characteristic monument in the village.



Capital: Potes
Distance to Santander: 117 km
Capital´s altitude: 291 m
Nº of municipal entities: 2
Municipal surface: 7.6 km2
Population: 1,622

Town Concils: