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Los Picos de Europa


The Western Massif, also called "Cornión", is located between the rivers Sella and Cares, being the most important height "Peña Santa de Castilla" (2,596 m). From this peak we reach "Torre de El Torco" and finally arrive to "Piedras Lluengas" and through the other strand on the east towards "Los Basares", "El Picón" and the "Torre de Los Cabritos" peaks.

From "Torre del Torco", we pass to "Los Estribos", "Torre de la Cabra Blanca", "Garita Cimera" and "Garita Bajera", until the "Camperón". From "Peña Santa de Enol" or "Torre de Santa María" a range starts along the peaks: "Torres de Cebolleda", "Requexón", "Torre de Los Tres Poyones", until the "Pico Cotalba" peak. From "Torre de la Canal Parda", to the NE, we reach "Torre de Los Traviesos", "Torre de Los Cabrones" and through "Tiro La Llera" and "Punta Gregoriana" we reach "La Verdelluenga".

From The Moledizos, there is another strand going by "Pardo Pescuezo" and "Torre Bermeja" to "Peña Sardón" and another, along the SW, to "El Frade" and "Peña Blanca". Finally, from the summit of "Pardo Pescuezo", we continue the "Punta de El Verde", "Torres de Cotalbín (2,193 m) up to "Peña Santa de Castilla".


Picos de Europa:
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