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Town Council of

 39572 Pesaguero
Cantabria - España
Telf: 942 73 50 83



The headquarters of the city council of Pesaguero are in a building located in the village of the same name.

Shield and Flag

The city council of Pesaguero counts, since 1997, with an heraldic shield and municipal flag, by means of an approved ordinance on the 6th of March that same year, in the Official Bulletin of Cantabria.

The flag of the city council is rectangular with two colours, made up by two vertical bands of the same width; a white one, next to the mast, and a red one. The flag´s height is two thirds of the total width. They have put on the flag the colours of the shield: white is the silver from the first quarter and red is the background of the second quarter.

The heraldic shield is partitioned with a first quarter in a silver background, a beech tree, and a second quarter, in a red background, with a golden bear. It is stamped with the Royal Spanish Crown.

The meaning of the shield is the following: In the first quarter one of the most peculiar characteristics of the mountainous municipality of Pesaguero is represented: the beech woods covering the hillsides in large leafy extensions. It is a city council identity symbol. In the second quarter is the bear, because the forests and hills in the municipality of Pesaguero are some of the few privileged places, not only in Spain, but also in the whole European Union in which we can still observe the brown bear in a wild state. This species is still present in the villages´ oral tradition of our Cantabrian mountain range, who has watched how his habitat has been reduced to a few enclaves; one of them in this municipality.



Capital: Pesaguero-Laparte
Distance to Santander: 129.5 km
Capital´s altitude: 614 m
Nº of municipal entities: 10
Municipal surface: 68.4 km2
Population: 421

Town Concils: