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Visita guiada de Liebana y Picos de Europa


From the village of Lomeña we can arrive to Camponuera, going by the col, Collada del Salce. A track leaves from the village, passing near the parochial church to cross the gate, Portillo de Goya and Horres (an old disappeared village); then pass next to the spring of Frades, where there is a water trough. The path is now even steeper and on the way we will be able to contemplate specially big oak trees until we arrive to Collada del Salce, from where we´ll have a beautiful panoramic of Pesaguero´s valley and the village of Dobres, in the municipality of Vega de Liébana. We then cross a beech wood and pass by the meadow of Jorá to arrive to Los Corralejos, where Lomeña´s shelter stands, and reach Camponuera, enjoying a magnificent view of the village of Caloca.

By leaving Lerones we can reach the peak of La Bandera, passing by the Monastery. We should set off from Lerones and, ascending, arrive at the cross of Dollayo. The right fork is the old track leading to the village of Obargo. We will continue uphill and through La Camperona arrive to a meadows, with a beautiful stone fenced winter shelter. We are now in Monasterio, and a little later we will reach the pastures of Perejita, from where we can get to the ancient fort-hill; place of a primitive Cantabrian settlement.

We then continue ascending and go by El Pielgo, where there´s a spring and water trough, and a little later reach the hill of Perejita, to arrive at the col Collado Boya, where we´ll be able to see numerous villages of the valley of Pesaguero, like: La Parte, Avellanedo, Vendejo and also the hill, Peña Cigal.

From Collado Boya one could descend to the village of Obargo, passing by La Majada, Calejo´s hill meadow, where there are still two old winter sheds, the holm oak grove called Los Arruales, and the pyrenean oak wood of Peña Isiedra; then go down to the hermitage of Santa Cecilia, in the village of Obargo.

From Vendejo there is a nice walk up to Camponuera, beginning from the village´s square and contemplating the haughty Peña Cigal. After crossing through La Calzada, and a holm oak grove, we will pass fom Valdrangón to Rejollaco Bajero, a field with some hawthorn bushes. We get to Rejollaco Cimero and reach the winter shelter of Dobres, in order to cross the beech wood of Cantalafreo. Then we have to go pass the shelter belonging to the village of Lomeña and along some pronounced turns, after linking with the track going uphill from the village of Lomeña, finally reach the meadow of Camponuera.

If we want to reach Caloca, the highest village in Liébana, we can go up along the track which leads to Sierras Albas. The route begins next to the hermitage of La Concepción, in the village centre, going up to Los Collados de Acá, and passing later by the winter shelters of Gorosol, Las Arralejas, La Llana del Monte, and Las Coteras, to finally reach Sierras de Albas. This hills offer a marvellous panoramic of the old valley of Valdeportillo (Caloca and Vendejo). From this point we can walk by Valleja Amostaju, the meadow of the "goshawk hill" and La Carbonera, to arrive at the end of the route in the village of Casavegas, in Palencia.

Another possibility is a magnificent hill-walking route setting off from the village of Avellanedo, to get up to Peña Brez and reach the mountain pass of Piedras Luengas. The route begins from the last village houses, near the church, to start walking up a steep slope, passing by the places of Piñueca, La Cotera de las Lanchas, los Cojorcos, the meadows of Las Llanas and Cojorcillo, to then enter the beech wood. Through some pronounce turns we arrive to the col, Collado Brez, reaching the meadow called, El Camperón, where there´s a shepherds' hut with its water spring and trough, safeguarded by the Peña Brez rock, magnificent observation area where we´ll contemplate the beauty of the road leading to Piedras Luengas. Continuing through a beech wood and over the col of Collado de la Espina we come out from the mountain range, surpassing two cols, and reaching the next observation area of the Piedras Luengas (1,346 m), end of the journey.

Finally, from the village of Cueva we can also reach Piedras Luengas, walking down from the village to the river Bullón, that we cross through a bridge, and arrive to a crossroads. The left fork goes up to La Venta Pepín and the right one, passes by the mount of La Canaleja and Vao Linares, to reach the mountain pass of Piedras Luengas.