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Avda. de Luis Cuevas, 4
39584 Tama
Cantabria - España
942 73 02 41


The headquarters of Cillorigo de Liébana´s town council are located in the large house named Sotama, in the village of Tama, municipality´s capital. A highland style building typical from the region, property of the Regional Government of Cantabria, who have surrender it to be used by the town council of Cillorigo as the Consistorial House.


Shield and Flag

The town council of Cillorigo de Liébana has, since 1996, a heraldic shield and a municipal flag, by means of an ordinance approved on February the 2nd of the same year and published in the "Boletín Oficial de Cantabria"(Official Bulletin of Cantabria).

The town council´s flag is rectangular in shape, horizontal, and vertically divided in three units. The first, next to the mast, is red; the second, in the center, white, and the third green. The red colour has been transferred to the flag because it also figures in the shield. The white colour means the snow covering "Picos de Europa" most of the year, and the green is inspired by the area´s landscape where the municipality is located.
The heraldic shield is firstly coloured in silver, with a blue iris flower; and secondly is coloured in red, with a golden spur. It goes stamped with the Royal Spanish Crown.

Firstly, in Lebeña, placed on the municipality of Cillorigo, is the church of Santa María, which is, without any doubt, the most important jewel of the Mozarabic art in Cantabria. It was founded in 925, by Count Alfonso. The iris flower has always been a representation and attribute of the Sacred Virgin in Spain, so much in the religious iconography as in the heraldic representations, and it was also believed to be opportune to symbolise Santa María de Lebeña´s church, which is consecrated to the cult of the Virgin, with an iris flower.

Secondly, Colio, also located in the municipality of Cillorigo, was the place where the general Díaz Porlier founded a Chivalry Academy, during the Independence War against the French. Yet, some vestiges remain from the building occupied by the Academy in which the seventh army was organised, used as base to create the Cantabrian Division. In memory of this Academy a curious tradition was conserved in Colio until a few years ago. The village lads used to wear shoe spurs at the local fiestas, and for this reason people used to call them the "espolistas". This is why the figure of the spur, as a symbolic representation of the Chivalry Academy of the seventh army and this singular tradition, is included in the municipality´s shield.


Cillorigo de Liébana

Capital: Tama
Distance to Santander: 114 Km
Capital´s altitude: 259 m
Nº municipal entities: 18
Municipal area: 104.3 Km2
Population: 1,166

Town Concils: