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39587 Camaleño
Cantabria - España
942 73 30 15


The town council of Camaleño is located in the village of Camaleño, capital of the municipality, next to the road which takes us to Fuente.

Shield and flag

The heraldic shield and flag of Camaleño´s town council were both approved on the 25th of June, 1998.

The town hall flag is rectangular, made up of three bands: the upper one white; the middle yellow; and the bottom one green. The upper and bottom bands are two fifths of the whole flag each, and the middle one just a fifth. The flag´s height is two thirds of the total width, conserving this proportions in every size.

The white colour represents the snow which every winter covers this mountainous municipality; the yellow makes reference to gold, a metal represented in the Lignum Crucis (at the same time represented in the shield); and finally, the green makes reference to the fields, meadows and woods within the municipality.

The heraldic shield is simple. In green, a widen cross with a golden ear. Finished with the royal Spanish crown.

The cross makes reference to the Lignum Crucis kept in the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, located in Camaleño. The Lignum Crucis is a relic, consisting in a fragment from the cross where Christ was crucified, and which was brought to Spain by Santo Toribio, bishop of Astorga.

This extraordinary relic means that the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana is one of the four Holy Pilgrimage Places of Christianity, together with Rome, Jerusalem, and Santiago de Compostela.



Capital: Camaleño
Distance to Santander: 125 km
Capital´s altitude: 400 m
Number of municipal entities: 31
Municipal suface: 161.1 km2
Population: 1,116

Town Concils: