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39571 Cabezón de Liébana
Cantabria - España
Telf: 942 73 50 32

The headquarters of the town council of Cabezón de Liébana are in the population of the same name, capital of the municipality, next to the road leading to the mountain pass of Piedras Luengas.

Shield and Flag

The town council of Cabezón de Liébana counts, since 1995, with an heraldic shield and municipal flag, by means of an approved ordinance in August the 22nd of such year and published this same date in the Official Bulletin of Cantabria.

The town council´s flag is rectangular, horizontal and with two colours, made of two horizontal bands of the same height: a white one, in the upper half, and a green one, in the bottom half. They represent in white: the snowy mountains, and in green: the hills, forests and grasslands of the municipality.

The heraldic shield is simple, in front a golden church, accompanied by three silver iris flowers; two parallel, on each side and one on the tip. It is stamped with the Royal Spanish Crown. It represents the church of Santa María de Piasca, located in the place of the same name, municipality of Cabezón de Liébana. This church represents, so much in its sculptures and high reliefs, as in its architectural group, the top of the Romanesque art in Cantabria.

The three iris flowers make allusion to the Virgin María, to whose cult and honour, the primitive church of Santa María de Piasca was consacrated, and represented in the shield. The three irises (in heraldry, flowers of lis) have always been a representation and attribute to the Sacred Virgin in Spain, so much in the religious as in the heraldic representations.


Cabezón de Liébana

Capital: Cabezón de Liébana
Distance to Santander: 122 Km
Capital municipal altitude: 363 m
Nº of municipal entities: 12
Municipal surface: 81.3 Km2
Population: 782

Town Concils: